A Day in the Life

The video below is a CLS at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. This is one of the first videos I saw that introduced me into the child life career. It is an informative video that explains what a typical day is like around the hospital.


From Practicum to Internship

Once you have completed your practicum hours you can begin to apply for internships, which from what I have gathered is the most crucial part of the whole process. During the internship process you are are working hand in hand with children with minimal help so that you can learn to work in the field. I hope to apply to internships in Texas, Nashville, Oklahoma, and Louisiana just to keep my options open. The internship is the most important part because it is where you will ultimately get certified to be a Child Life Specialist.

To learn more about the whole process you can look at this internship and certification information site.

Moving into the Practium

Once my volunteer hours are completed I can begin to apply for the practicum programs. The Child Life Practicum is set out to give people the opportunity to gain insight and exposure to the Child Life profession and help students understand the unique needs of hospitalized children and their families. Practicum programs are usually 8 weeks long and include 100 hours of work in the field. I hope to be able to do my practicum work at a hospital somewhere in Texas.


Volunteering is a crucial step in becoming a CLS. Most importantly because it allows you to be in a hospital environment and shadow actual CLS, which can help you decide if the career is actually something you can see yourself doing. It is best if volunteering is done at childrens’ hospital or in a similar place where a children are facing issues and medical problems. If one does not complete the required amount of volunteer hours then they can not even apply for the practicum program. Next semester I am volunteering at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham and get to shadow in their Child Life Unit!!

Early Steps to Take

Becoming a Child Life Specialist (CSL) is a very interactive process. Psychology, human development, child development, and family studies are all suggested majors. Once a major is declared one must begin to obtain a certain amount of required volunteer hours in order to be able to apply for the next steps which are: practicum program and an internship.