Helpful Links

This is the most useful CLS webiste there is; it tells you everything you need to know and can answer basically any question you have.

Connecting with Compassion is a website run by two active CLS. They give inside views on how to make it in the career, as well as tips and stories.

This is a list of facts about CLS. This list of facts was one of the first things I ever read when I was still in the process of deciding what career path I wanted to take.

Hand To Hold is great website that give further insight into information about CLS. They also have a list of blogs that relate CLS careers.

This is a link to St. Jude CLS unit. This website is useful because St. Jude is one of the most prominent children’s’ hospital with one of the most popular CLS program. Here you will find information about their program and what their hospital has to offer.